Get yourself vegan-friendly

Whether it’s grab and go or restaurant fare that you offer, there has never been a better time to revitalise your offerings for the influential vegan market.

The meat-free lifestyle is a growing part of our food culture, with 14% of people declaring they are vegetarian and 7% vegan.

And with 62% of the population making food choices based on health considerations, it’s an ever-expanding market.

The UK Government has said that eating less red and processed meat is a very healthy choice and Public Health England is setting targets on sugar reduction, so is it time you looked again at your options?

Things to consider

  • Vegan cooking meets all variations of vegetarian requirements
  • There are lots of new entrants into this niche, so versions of familiar foods go down well
  • What can you do with cakes, fillings and frostings


  • Get your menu labelling right
  • Train your staff so they can answer questions
  • Consider the sustainability of your packaging

Vegan recipe inspiration

The main event

Pulled jackfruit nachos

Or you can go your own way with these Macphie products