Insight - Food Trends


20th March 2020


Breakfast is one of the fastest growing areas of the food market and is rapidly evolving. We have come up with a selection of ideas that can work whether your customers want to sit down and enjoy their breakfast or grab it and run (after paying obviously!).

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Glowing green

21st February 2020


Whether it is consumers focus on sustainability, choosing more healthy options or focusing on mindful eating consumers are certainly eating more consciously than ever before. With the days getting longer it is a key time of year to freshen up menu offerings and we have some ideas to help you.

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Have some fun with a hot cross bun

17th February 2020


We have developed some ideas for some alternative flavours of both sweet and savoury hot cross buns for this year. The introduction of the savoury flavours expands the day-part opportunities for hot cross buns and allows for a quick seasonal tweak to menus and on the shelves at bakeries.

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31st January 2020


Nootropics are on the agenda in 2020. If this is a noo thing you have not heard of we thought we would provide a flavour of how you can incorporate them into your menu.

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Forget flowers, it’s all about the florets

14th January 2020


Cauliflower is a popular plant-based ingredient, discover ways to tap into its texture, taste and nutrients.

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20 vegan facts for 2020

6th January 2020


Vegan facts to demonstrate the importance of veganuary to food operators.

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New Year resolution in time for Veganuary

14th November 2019


Growth and opportunity in the plant-based marketplace across all types of food operators.

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It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas

16th September 2019


A look at the Christmas inspiration, trends and treats across the food industry.

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The biscuit breakdown

2nd May 2019


The average Brit consumes 7kg of biscuits a year. That is a lot of biscuit and demand is growing, with a 1.2% increase in sales over the last year.

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The diner who came in from the cold

25th January 2019


Sharing platters and comfort foods are laidback, easy ways to encourage shoppers, cinema-goers and passing trade to stop off for a winter warmer and a chat.

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Generation Z driving food trends

12th November 2018


According to the Vegetarian Society research, 14% of people are identifying as vegetarian and 7% as vegan in the UK today.
It seems as if the entire world is mesmerised by vegan cuisine.

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Grab a pizza the action

19th October 2018


What's hot for pizza toppings in 2019?

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Halloween: trick or treat?

31st August 2018


Find out about how you can maximise your menu this Halloween and how the latest Macphie product can make it your new favourite holiday.

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Get floral this summer with blooming botanicals

5th July 2018


We’re taking it back to nature as we explore the latest trend that is in full bloom across the food industry.

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Why Free From options should be far from dull

18th May 2018


Would the ideal consumer eat anything and everything?

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When life gives you lemons, make sure they’re Sicilian

18th May 2018


Lemon has been an important ingredient in Italian cooking for thousands of years.

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Familiar feel to sweet shop trend

18th May 2018


Think back to that Saturday morning trip to the sweet shop, with the reassuring jingle of small coins in your pocket.

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Love your pancake this Shrove Tuesday

17th January 2018


Love your pancake with new fillings or simple traditional toppings this Shrove Tuesday.

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Warm up this winter with National Soup Month

12th January 2018


Warm up this winter with National Soup Month. What better way to warm up than to have a delicious bowl of heartwarming soup.

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Barbecue trends for 2018

28th June 2017


Barbecues are booming as the great British public's taste for the grill shows no sign of waning.
We take a look at the hot trends for 2018, from Korean marinades to the surge in seafood.

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No more sugar coating

7th March 2017


Following the introduction of a new sugar tax and advice to cut back from several health organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), consumer attitudes towards sugar and sweeteners are changing.

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Meal kit delivery dishing up success

31st January 2017


Meal delivery kits are fast becoming the new on-trend convenience food. Delivering everything you need to prepare fresh, healthy meals, these kits are ticking all the boxes for trends in 2017 covering clean eating, reduced food waste, meal planning and convenient dining.

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Gluttonous comfort eating

20th January 2017


While clean eating is set to continue in its popularity this year, foodies predict that when we indulge, we’ll really indulge!

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From garden to garnish

9th January 2017


We’ve seen a surge in edible flowers decorating our dishes in restaurants, cafes, delis and bakeries. With an air of sophistication, floral decorations can add a splash of colour to any meal.

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Dazzled by doughnuts

9th January 2017


Deemed the new ‘cupcake,’ doughnuts are set to rise in popularity this year. With toppings including icing infused with matcha green tea, edible flowers and even gold leaf, doughnuts have become an ‘instagram-able’ favourite and are taking over social media.

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Hygge hype

5th January 2017


Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish concept that’s sweeping the nation, our bookshelves and our food menus. The Scandinavian notion describes the feeling of complete cosiness created when enjoying good food in good company in warm and safe environments.

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Bakery trend spotting

21st November 2016


As part of our commitment to innovation, our team stay on top of all the latest food trends; keeping an eye on popular ingredients, new concepts and exciting combinations.

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Strawberry tart made using halal approved Mactop Traditional.

Higher demand for halal

15th November 2016


Halal is a hot topic in the food industry right now and presents a significant business opportunity. Here’s what you need to know about halal.

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The free from flourish

3rd November 2016


Once hard to come by, retail sales of free from products were valued at £470m in 2015 and are projected to increase by 43% to £673m by 2020 (Mintel).

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The Great British Bake Off effect

25th October 2016


The Great British Bake Off, now in its seventh series, attracts thousands of viewers each week despite the news it’s moving to Channel 4 without some of its beloved presenters. However, with such a huge following, what impact is the show having on the baking industry?

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Low sugar. High demand.

6th October 2016


As consumer interest in healthy living grows and the government toughen up on the war against sugar, are you equipped to keep your customers happy?

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Top 3 sweet treats to beat the winter blues

5th October 2016


While it may only be October, advent calendars and Christmas decorations are taking pride of place on shop shelves. To help ease your customers in to the festive season, here’s our top three foodie treats.

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Posh up your menu with prosecco

16th September 2016


With sales at major supermarkets up 34% to £365million, prosecco’s popularity is growing quickly. UK consumers now drink more prosecco than champagne, so much so, supplies are even rumoured to be at risk (Telegraph, 2016).

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Goodbye sugar high!

22nd August 2016


It’s no secret that excessive sugar intake is linked to a range of health concerns and, as the government reveals their plans to tackle childhood obesity in ‘Childhood obesity – a plan for action’, sugar remains a hot media topic.

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The art of artisan bread

29th July 2016


Searching #ArtisanBread on Instagram produces over 70,900 photos but what has made this carefully crafted range of bakery items so popular?

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How to make sensational sandwiches

21st July 2016


Sandwich, sarnie, hoagie, sub – whatever you call it, the sandwich is a key player on the lunchtime menu.

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Cooking with craft beer

19th July 2016


While cooking with wine is nothing new, using beer as a key ingredient is becoming ever more popular. A recent study shows that 36% of respondees cook with craft beer once a week (, 2015).

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Patisserie-perfect pastries

14th July 2016


Following the rise of the ‘breakfastarian’, sales of breakfast items are increasing with on-the-go products reigning supreme.

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The rise of the super seed

29th June 2016


One bread trend which is proving extremely popular is the addition of seeds and ancient grains to everyday bakery items.

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Gold medal food trends

24th June 2016


Nothing brings people together like a sporting event and where there’s a gathering you can guarantee there will be food. We look at how this year’s summer of sport is impacting food trends.

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Chicago 2016: Food trends (Part 2)

17th June 2016


Some of the Macphie team recently visited Chicago to check out some of the country’s latest developments in food.

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Chicago 2016: Food Trends (Part 1)

17th June 2016


A part of our ongoing commitment to produce innovative new products, some of the Macphie team visited Chicago to check out some of the key eateries which are inspiring food trends around the world.

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Bonkers for biscuits

13th June 2016


With the war on sugar rife in the UK, the proportion of consumers opting for sweet biscuits crumbled last year by 12% (Mintel, 2015) but this doesn't mean the cookie's going to crumble just yet.

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A cut above the rest

9th June 2016


We all have our firm foodie favourites but it seems we’re becoming a little more demanding when it comes to the classics.

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Hybrid hype

7th June 2016


From the cronut to the blondie, traditional treats are merging, keeping adventurous foodies intrigued.

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Green tea and cake: A matcha made in heaven?

2nd June 2016


Described as an ‘antioxidant powerhouse’, matcha green tea is said to be mood enhancing and metabolism boosting as well as gluten and sugar free. So it’s no surprise that this super tea is set to be big in 2016.

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BBQ bonanza

25th May 2016


As the warmer weather creeps in temperatures rise, consumers look to embrace this popular summertime pastime.

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Coffee shop concepts

24th May 2016


The Macphie team recently conducted a workshop alongside specialist food suppliers, Andrew Ingredients, to showcase the key coffee shop trends impacting Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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Meeting the needs of the Millennial

19th May 2016


Born between 1982 and 1993, there are around 80 million Millennials making waves in the food and drink market (Forbes).

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Creating the contrast

19th May 2016


Contrast is key in 2016 with consumers looking for a mash-up of tastes, textures and concepts.

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Rise of the ‘Breakfastarians’

22nd April 2016


With 80% of Brits now stating that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Beacon), this once forgotten meal time is not to be overlooked.

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Black garlic – superfood!

25th November 2015


Superfoods have been in vogue for some time but none are more interesting and unusual as black garlic. It’s been gaining popularity amongst foodies for some time now as it has an abundance of health benefits.

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The buzz around insects

4th November 2015


Of all the trends to reach our shores none are more bizarre than the predicted trend for eating insects. They have been a staple in diets across the world in countries such as Thailand, Ghana and Brazil, 80% of the world’s population already eat them regularly.

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Growth in fruit flavours market

13th August 2015


As consumers continue to strive for healthier snack products, the fruit market has come firmly into focus. Among findings from market research groups, Mintel expects the fruit snack market to grow to £7 billion in the UK by 2019.

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UK barbeque report

13th August 2015


The UK was hailed as the barbeque capital of Europe in 2013, cooking up over 125 million barbies, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down in 2015. While the market evolves, innovation is the key to keeping customers engaged and excited.

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Latest food & bakery trends – part two

25th May 2015


In March this year our category marketing manager, Jane Stork and category marketing executive, Keri Cummings, spent three days taking in the tastes and flavours of London to see what new trends are appearing in the Capital. Here is the second part of the new discoveries they made, and also what emerging trends from last year have taken hold.

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Berry trends

28th August 2014


Supermarket audits revealed that raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and blackcurrant are used the most in mixed berry products and apple is used for bulking them out. Blueberries and cherries are being found in more products especially cakes, yogurts and drinks.

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American food trends

21st January 2014


Flavours are becoming increasingly important in both sweet and savoury food lines. In savouries, marinades and dips are increasingly coming in a wide range of spice levels from mild to fiery hot. Additionally fruit salsas, dressings and sauces are also on the rise with strawberry, mango, citrus, pineapple, coconut, cranberry and banana popular flavours.

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Latest food & bakery trends – part one

12th August 2013


Exotic flavours abound; Coconut is a really key flavour just now seen everywhere from fresh coconut water being sold on stands, to coconut cupcakes, macaroons and yoghurts. Sometimes on its own but also with other flavours such as mango, cherry, vanilla and banana.

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What’s new in the chilled aisle?

6th November 2012


The marketing team at Macphie are constantly scouring supermarket, restaurants, food shops and markets to find out what is tickling the great British public’s taste buds. We are forever trying out new products, devouring cookery magazines, blogs and websites, working with our development chefs and speaking to our diverse customer base to find out which flavours and trends are coming through. It’s a hard life, we know!

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Changing shopper behaviour

31st July 2012


The latest grocery share figures from Kantar Worldpanel, published for the 12 weeks ending 2 September 2012, show the grocery market growing at 3.3%.

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Breakfast Trends

31st July 2012


Breakfast is the fastest UK growth area in food to go market with all the major players, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Pret a Manger upping their breakfast offer.

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