Insight - In the Bakery

Have some fun with a hot cross bun

17th February 2020


We have developed some ideas for some alternative flavours of both sweet and savoury hot cross buns for this year. The introduction of the savoury flavours expands the day-part opportunities for hot cross buns and allows for a quick seasonal tweak to menus and on the shelves at bakeries.

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The biscuit breakdown

2nd May 2019


The average Brit consumes 7kg of biscuits a year. That is a lot of biscuit and demand is growing, with a 1.2% increase in sales over the last year.

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Having your cake and selling it

13th February 2019


Eight out of ten people say they don’t believe a celebration is a celebration until someone brings out a cake.

This sounds like an ideal opportunity for the bakery industry but what is it we like to celebrate?

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Halloween: trick or treat?

31st August 2018


Find out about how you can maximise your menu this Halloween and how the latest Macphie product can make it your new favourite holiday.

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Get floral this summer with blooming botanicals

5th July 2018


We’re taking it back to nature as we explore the latest trend that is in full bloom across the food industry.

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Familiar feel to sweet shop trend

18th May 2018


Think back to that Saturday morning trip to the sweet shop, with the reassuring jingle of small coins in your pocket.

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No more sugar coating

7th March 2017


Following the introduction of a new sugar tax and advice to cut back from several health organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), consumer attitudes towards sugar and sweeteners are changing.

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From garden to garnish

9th January 2017


We’ve seen a surge in edible flowers decorating our dishes in restaurants, cafes, delis and bakeries. With an air of sophistication, floral decorations can add a splash of colour to any meal.

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Dazzled by doughnuts

9th January 2017


Deemed the new ‘cupcake,’ doughnuts are set to rise in popularity this year. With toppings including icing infused with matcha green tea, edible flowers and even gold leaf, doughnuts have become an ‘instagram-able’ favourite and are taking over social media.

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Bakery trend spotting

21st November 2016


As part of our commitment to innovation, our team stay on top of all the latest food trends; keeping an eye on popular ingredients, new concepts and exciting combinations.

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The Great British Bake Off effect

25th October 2016


The Great British Bake Off, now in its seventh series, attracts thousands of viewers each week despite the news it’s moving to Channel 4 without some of its beloved presenters. However, with such a huge following, what impact is the show having on the baking industry?

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Low sugar. High demand.

6th October 2016


As consumer interest in healthy living grows and the government toughen up on the war against sugar, are you equipped to keep your customers happy?

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Top 3 sweet treats to beat the winter blues

5th October 2016


While it may only be October, advent calendars and Christmas decorations are taking pride of place on shop shelves. To help ease your customers in to the festive season, here’s our top three foodie treats.

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The art of artisan bread

29th July 2016


Searching #ArtisanBread on Instagram produces over 70,900 photos but what has made this carefully crafted range of bakery items so popular?

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Patisserie-perfect pastries

14th July 2016


Following the rise of the ‘breakfastarian’, sales of breakfast items are increasing with on-the-go products reigning supreme.

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Coffee shop concepts

24th May 2016


The Macphie team recently conducted a workshop alongside specialist food suppliers, Andrew Ingredients, to showcase the key coffee shop trends impacting Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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Healthy seeded bread products

13th August 2015


Find out the health benefits of baking with oats and multi-seed products such as lowering cholesterol and satiety.

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Celebrate Thanksgiving with American-style treats

29th October 2014


American trends are set to continue as more US operators open in the UK so why not extend your current offering and celebrate Thanksgiving with American-style treats?

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Make the most of rhubarb!

24th April 2014


Rhubarb has long been seen as having medicinal properties and was originally used as a medicine in ancient China. It was brought to Europe by Marco Polo and has been eaten as a food since the 18th Century.

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Easy, beautiful cupcake designs

27th May 2013


The popularity of the cupcake continues to rise and show no sign of slowing. Here, Technical Representitive Neil Towse shows you how easy it is to create beautiful, premium cupcakes with a range of Macphie products.

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Competing in the new high street

11th January 2013


“Life is slowly coming back to the high street, as consumers move to buying what they need, when they need it, looking to reduce waste in the home and manage ever tightening home budgets.

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How to make perfect Danish Pastries

14th December 2012


Macphie has everything you need to make perfect Danish Pastries.

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