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At Macphie we’re here to help our customers get the most out of their business. We conduct regular research into trends and developments in the food industry and share our findings with customers.

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Make the most of rhubarb!

24th April 2014


Rhubarb has long been seen as having medicinal properties and was originally used as a medicine in ancient China. It was brought to Europe by Marco Polo and has been eaten as a food since the 18th Century.

American food trends

21st January 2014


Flavours are becoming increasingly important in both sweet and savoury food lines. In savouries, marinades and dips are increasingly coming in a wide range of spice levels from mild to fiery hot. Additionally fruit salsas, dressings and sauces are also on the rise with strawberry, mango, citrus, pineapple, coconut, cranberry and banana popular flavours.

Latest food & bakery trends – part one

12th August 2013


Exotic flavours abound; Coconut is a really key flavour just now seen everywhere from fresh coconut water being sold on stands, to coconut cupcakes, macaroons and yoghurts. Sometimes on its own but also with other flavours such as mango, cherry, vanilla and banana.

Easy, beautiful cupcake designs

27th May 2013


The popularity of the cupcake continues to rise and show no sign of slowing. Here, Technical Representitive Neil Towse shows you how easy it is to create beautiful, premium cupcakes with a range of Macphie products.

Competing in the new high street

11th January 2013


“Life is slowly coming back to the high street, as consumers move to buying what they need, when they need it, looking to reduce waste in the home and manage ever tightening home budgets.