Rise of the ‘Breakfastarians’

22nd April 2016


With 80% of Brits now stating that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Beacon), this once forgotten meal time is not to be overlooked.

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Black garlic – superfood!

25th November 2015


Superfoods have been in vogue for some time but none are more interesting and unusual as black garlic. It’s been gaining popularity amongst foodies for some time now as it has an abundance of health benefits.

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The buzz around insects

4th November 2015


Of all the trends to reach our shores none are more bizarre than the predicted trend for eating insects. They have been a staple in diets across the world in countries such as Thailand, Ghana and Brazil, 80% of the world’s population already eat them regularly.

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Growth in fruit flavours market

13th August 2015


As consumers continue to strive for healthier snack products, the fruit market has come firmly into focus. Among findings from market research groups, Mintel expects the fruit snack market to grow to £7 billion in the UK by 2019.

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UK barbeque report

13th August 2015


The UK was hailed as the barbeque capital of Europe in 2013, cooking up over 125 million barbies, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down in 2015. While the market evolves, innovation is the key to keeping customers engaged and excited.

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