Easy, beautiful cupcake designs

27th May 2013


The popularity of the cupcake continues to rise and show no sign of slowing. Here, Technical Representitive Neil Towse shows you how easy it is to create beautiful, premium cupcakes with a range of Macphie products.

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Competing in the new high street

11th January 2013


“Life is slowly coming back to the high street, as consumers move to buying what they need, when they need it, looking to reduce waste in the home and manage ever tightening home budgets.

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How to make perfect Danish Pastries

14th December 2012


Macphie has everything you need to make perfect Danish Pastries.

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Think Global

16th November 2012


Here we speak to Gillian Williamson, Category Manager and Norman Brockwell, Development Chef, both from Team Macphie, about current and future menu trends.

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What’s new in the chilled aisle?

6th November 2012


The marketing team at Macphie are constantly scouring supermarket, restaurants, food shops and markets to find out what is tickling the great British public’s taste buds. We are forever trying out new products, devouring cookery magazines, blogs and websites, working with our development chefs and speaking to our diverse customer base to find out which flavours and trends are coming through. It’s a hard life, we know!

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