A taste of nostalgia is set to be big for the future

9th January 2017


As life speeds up and society becomes more complex, consumers yearn for the simplicity of days gone by. Research shows that food consumption is one area that’s most likely to remind us of our past (Research Gate, 2014) and, as the internet helps us access new, unique ingredients and makes food innovation more inventive, we often still find ourselves craving our favourite dishes ‘the way mum used to make it.’

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Dazzled by doughnuts

9th January 2017


Deemed the new ‘cupcake,’ doughnuts are set to rise in popularity this year. With toppings including icing infused with matcha green tea, edible flowers and even gold leaf, doughnuts have become an ‘instagram-able’ favourite and are taking over social media.

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Hygge hype

5th January 2017


Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish concept that’s sweeping the nation, our bookshelves and our food menus. The Scandinavian notion describes the feeling of complete cosiness created when enjoying good food in good company in warm and safe environments.

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Bakery trend spotting

21st November 2016


As part of our commitment to innovation, our team stay on top of all the latest food trends; keeping an eye on popular ingredients, new concepts and exciting combinations.

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Strawberry tart made using halal approved Mactop Traditional.

Higher demand for halal

15th November 2016


Halal is a hot topic in the food industry right now and presents a significant business opportunity. Here’s what you need to know about halal.

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