1. In a bowl fitted with a beater, mix together Franzipan Concentrate and water on slow speed to give a smooth paste
    2. Gradually add cake margarine and blend in. Scrape down
    3. Stream in the egg gradually and mix in
    4. Add cake flour or cake crumbs, and 1% ground cardamom seeds to total batter weight and mix only until combined
    1. Put a layer of apricot jam in the bottom of a short crust pastry shell. ¾ fill with Franzipan mix and top with fresh or tinned apricot
    2. Bake at 180-190ºC for 20 minutes or until golden brown
    3. Make water ice by heating the 5th Avenue® White Icing and mixing with 50% water until a runny consistency is obtained
    4. After cooling, glaze each tart with the ice water, allow to set and dust with Sweet Snow®


  • 1000g Macphie Franzipan Concentrate
  • 150g Water
  • 350g Cake Margarine
  • 500g Whole Egg
  • 250g Heated Treated Cake Flour
  • Cardamom Seeds (ground)
  • Shortcrust Pastry Tarts
  • Apricot Jam
  • Fresh or Tinned Sliced Apricot
  • 5th Avenue® White Icing
  • Sweet Snow®