• Makes 13 portions

    1. Cook the quinoa in a pan containing 150g water. Once all the water has been absorbed or evaporated remove and place the quinoa on an oven tray and dry it out in an oven at 140°C (284°F) for 30 minutes.
    2. Once you have made your crispy quinoa, start making up your flatbreads.
    3. Put Macphie Complete Bread Mix and water into bowl fitted with a hook.
    4. Mix for two minutes on slow speed.
    5. Mix for ten to twelve minutes on medium.
    6. The dough should clear the bowl, look silky in texture and stretch easily without breaking.
    7. Divide the dough into 60g pieces, roll up and leave to rest for five minutes.
    8. Mix the smoked paprika and olive oil together.
    9. Pin out your 60g dough pieces into flatbreads, brush both sides with the paprika oil and then char grill or pan fry the flatbreads.
    10. Cooking times will vary dependent on cooking method, once the flatbreads start to bubble on one side flip and cook for a further minute to colour the other side.
    11. Top your flatbreads with the sliced avocado, followed by de-seeded and diced tomatoes and then sprinkle over the crispy quinoa.
    12. You can either serve this flat or you can roll it up as a mezzaluna flatbread.
    13. Finish the dish by drizzling over some of the smoked paprika oil.


  • 26 avocados
  • 350g quinoa
  • 13 tomatoes
  • 500g Macphie Complete Bread Mix
  • 325g water
  • 200g olive oil
  • 50g smoked paprika