1. Blend Macphie Crème Anglaise 50:50 with whipped Macphie GlenDelight® to make a smooth crème pâtissière and use to fill pastry cases.
    2. Arrange fresh berries on top and finish with mint sprig or sweet basil.
    3. Flood a serving plate with Macphie Crème Anglaise and then place tartlet on top.
    4. Carefully add small dots of Macphie Raspberry ku-li® at regular intervals around the side of tartlet on top of Macphie Crème Anglaise.
    5. Drag a cocktail stick through the middle of each ku-li® dot, turning the plate to create a heart design effect.


  • Macphie Crème Anglaise
  • Macphie GlenDelight®
  • Baked sweet pastry tart shells
  • Mixed fresh berries
  • Mint or sweet basil
  • Macphie Raspberry ku-li®