• Makes 4

    1. Melt the butter.
    2. Add the Macphie Waffle Mix to a bowl fitted with a whisk.
    3. While mixing on slow speed, slowly add the water, scrape down.
    4. Continue mixing and pour in the melted butter.
    5. Mix for a further 1 minute on medium speed until a smooth batter is formed.
    6. Make up the waffles by placing half the required mix into the waffle iron then put 25g of Macphie Luxury Banoffee Filling on top.  Then put the other half of the mix needed on top of that to seal the Macphie Luxury Banoffee Filling inside.
    7. Close the waffle irons and cook for required time dependent on machine.
    8. While your waffle is cooking, caramelise your bananas with a blow torch or salamander grill with 25g demerara sugar per banana.
    9. Once the waffle is cooked cut into 4 pieces or keep whole and place the caramelised bananas over or between the waffles then drizzle over the remaining Macphie Luxury Banoffee Filling and dust with Macphie Sweet Snow®.


  • 500g Macphie Waffle Mix
  • 130g butter (can be substituted with vegetable oil or vegetable spread)
  • 615g water
  • 8 bananas
  • Demerara sugar for caramelising 
  • 200g Macphie Luxury Banoffee Filling
  • Macphie Sweet Snow® for dusting