• Makes 30

    1. Make up your dough by mixing together the Macphie Softie®, flour, sugar, egg, water and yeast for 10-15 minutes on middle speed (conventional mixer) or 2 minutes on slow speed and 6 minutes on fast speed (spiral mixer).
    2. The temperature of the dough should be 27°C.
    3. Use the butter to laminate the dough.
    4. Once you have done your 3 book turns, rest the dough for 3 hours or overnight.
    5. Pin out the dough to 3mm in thickness and spread with Macphie Cinnamon Bake Stable Filling Mix to cover all the dough.
    6. Sprinkle over the clementine zest and ground cardamom.
    7. Roll up the dough like a swiss roll. Then cut the dough about an inch thick up into rounds and place then into muffin tins cut side up.
    8. Prove for 1 hour.
    9. Bake them in the oven for 30 minutes at 180°C (356°F).
    10. To make the glaze bring the juice of 8 clementine’s and the 50g sugar to the boil and take off the heat to cool.
    11. Once baked brush with the clementine glaze and dust with Macphie Sweet Snow®.


  • 1000g flour 
  • 100g Macphie Softie® 
  • 100g sugar 
  • 125g egg 
  • 375g water 
  • 21g dried yeast or 60g fresh yeast 
  • 500g butter to laminate into the dough 
  • 500g Macphie Cinnamon Bake Stable Filling Mix  
  • zest of 8 clementine’s 
  • 15g ground cardamom 
  • juice of 8 clementine’s 
  • 50g sugar 
  • Macphie Sweet Snow®