1. Combine Macphie American Carrot Cake Mix, water and carrots in a a mixing bowl. Beat for one minute on slow speed and three minutes on 2nd speed.
    2. Deposit 800g of mixture into 8″ round cake tin and bake for 50 minutes at 180°C (360°F).
    3. Once baked, remove from oven and leave to cool.
    4. Once cool, carefully slice cake in half, and layer of Macphie Rainbow Cream Cheese Frosting in between both slices of cake and add another layer of frosting on top.
    5. To decorate, pipe with Macphie 5th Avenue® Icing coloured with food colouring.


  • 1000g Macphie American Carrot Cake Mix
  • 200g water
  • 300g grated fresh carrot
  • Macphie Cream Cheese Rainbow Frosting®
  • Macphie 5th Avenue Icing®