1. Make up the doughnuts using Macphie Premium Fermented Doughnut powder concentrate as per TIS sheet
    2. Once doughnuts are ready, use Luxury Fillings to fill and 5th Avenue Icings to finish as desired. For the freakshake shown in the picture, we topped with Chocolate 5th Avenue Icing and chocolate sprinkles and added sweets for spider legs and eyes
    3. To prepare the milkshake, blend vanilla ice cream, milk and Continental Dark Chocolate Sauce together
    4. Before pouring into the glass, pour Chocolate O.T.T® Dessert Sauce around the rim of the glass and let it pour down the sides
    5. Pour in the milkshake and pop the doughnut on top


  • 1000g Premium Fermented Doughnut
  • 84g Water
  • 80g Yeast
  • 1000g Bread Flour
  • 5th Avenue Icing
  • Continental Dark Chocolate Sauce
  • Chocolate O.T.T®