1. Preheat oven to 150°C-160°C. Place paper cases into the 12 hole muffin tin
    2. Add water and oil to Macphie Chocolate Orange Cake Sensation Mix into a mixer fitted with a beater
    3. Mix for 1 minute on slow speed then scrape down and mix for 2 minutes on medium speed
    4. Reduce to slow speed and mix for a final minute
    5. Using the scoop deposit one level scoopful of batter into each cake case and bake for 30-35 minutes


When cool, use a kitchen skewer to make a hole in the centre of the muffin to approximately 2/3rds of the depth. Fill a piping bag with Macphie Luxury Orange Filling and deposit a generous amount into the middle of each muffin. Beat 100g of Macphie Luxury Orange Filling with 100g of Macphie Rainbow Vanilla Frosting and pipe a swirl on top of each muffin. Decorate with a chocolate curl or jellied fruit.


  • Ingredients to make 12 large muffins
  • 1000g Macphie Chocolate Orange Cake Sensation Mix
  • 435g Water
  • 255g Vegetable Oil