1. Place the Choutex in a machine bowl and add water and beat on slow speed for 2 minutes.
    2. Scrape down and beat for a further 7 minutes on middle speed, until a smooth paste is obtained.
    3. Ensure baking tray is lightly greased and pipe the batter into long éclair shapes, approximately 6 inches long.
    4. Bake at 195-215ºC for approximately 30-40minutes.
    5. Pull out the damper towards the end of bake to evacuate all steam.
    6. Meanwhile, prepare the cream by whipping Mactop Traditional and drizzle in Luxury Orange Filling.
    7. Once cooled, slice the éclairs in half and using a star nozzle, pipe the cream, drizzle edges with Luxury Orange Filling and sandwich.
    8. Finish with 5th Avenue® Lemon Icing.


  • 1kg Choutex
  • 1.650kg Water
  • Mactop Traditional
  • Luxury Orange Filling
  • 5th Avenue® Lemon Icing