• Makes 20

    Mix the flour, Softie, sugar, egg, water, yeast together, then add the Macphie Danish Pastry Margarine and give 3 book turns.

    Allow to rest in a retarder and then give a half turn.

    Pin out your dough so it is 3mm thick, then roll out the dough and use the guide below to mark out and cut the croissant triangles.  Put a small cut in the middle of the base for ease of rolling.

    Once you have cut your dough roll them up and prove for 1 hour.

    Once proved spray with Macphie Plant-based Glaze and bake at 180°C (356°F) for 30 minutes.

    When they are finished spray again with Macphie Plant-based Glaze.

    Whip the Macphie GlenDelight® and fold in 50g Greek yoghurt.

    Split the croissant and deposit the whipped Greek yogurt mix.  Serve with sliced strawberries and a drizzle of Macphie Strawberry OTT®.


  • 1000g flour 
  • 100g Macphie Softie® 
  • 100g sugar 
  • 125g egg  
  • 375g water 
  • 21g dried yeast or 60g fresh yeast 
  • Macphie Plant-based Glaze
  • 500g Macphie Danish Pastry Margarine
  • 50g Macphie GlenDelight®
  • 50g Greek yoghurt 
  • 40 strawberries 
  • Macphie Strawberry OTT®