1. Put water and vegetable oil into a mixing bowl, followed by the Macphie Chocolate Mississippi Muffin/Cake Mix.
    2. Beat for 1 minute on slow speed then a further 6 minutes on medium speed.
    3. Blend in the chocolate chips on slow speed.
    4. Deposit 120g into cases and sprinkle each muffin with a few chocolate chips before baking.
    5. Place into pre-heated oven and bake for approximately 30-35 minutes on 190°C/165°C for fan assisted oven.
    6. Inject with Macphie Belgian Chocolate Filling.


  • 1000g Mapchie Chocolate Mississippi Muffin/Cake Mix
  • 435g water
  • 225g vegetable oil
  • 200g chocolate chips
  • Macphie Luxury Belgian Chocolate Filling