• Makes 10 tarts

    1. Heat the Macphie Sicilian Lemon Dessert (Crème brulee or Panna Cotta) in a pan continuously stirring until boiling, stir until smooth. Add any inclusion at this point (20% additional liquid/solids including alcohol).
    2. Pour into the tart while cooling, Ideally chill for 1-2 hours before serving.
    3. Serve with Macphie Mango ku-li® and ice cream, finished with crumbs of red velvet cake (made using Macphie Red Velvet Cake Mix).


  • 1 litre Macphie’s Sicilian Lemon Dessert
  • 200g Macphie’s Mango ku-li®
  • 10 x pity 8/5 inch tartlets
  • 500g Chefs larder soft scoop vanilla ice cream
  • Cadburys mini Chocolate Easter eggs
  • 200g Macphie Red Velvet Cake Mix (use for cake crumbs)