• Makes 10 sharing portions

    Make up Complete Bread Mix (as per pack instructions), shape into sticks.

    Prove bread for 1 hour on a tray. Brush with glaze, then paprika and seasoning.  Bake at 180oC (360oF) for 30 minutes.

    Heat Plant-based Cheese Sauce and either pour over nachos or serve in a dish with a dusting of smoked paprika. Serve with heated potato tots and scatter with chillies and red onions.


    Made using one of our vegan-certified products.


  • 1litre Macphie Plant-based Cheese Sauce
  • 2kg tortilla chips
  • 250g potato tots
  • 500g Macphie Complete Bread Mix
  • 100ml Macphie Plant-based Glaze
  • 10g smoked paprika
  • Chillies and red onions (halved and charred)