• Makes 2 portions

    1. Only 2 slices of Macphie Seeduction® Multiseed Bread required per portion, the following makes up 2 x 750g loafs.
    2. Use tempered water to give a final dough temperature of 24-26°C.
    3. Mix flour, Macphie Seeduction® Multiseed Bread, yeast and water for 10-15 minutes on middle speed in a conventional mixer or for 2 minutes on first speed, then 6-8 minutes on second speed, for a spiral mixer.
    4. Scale and mould the dough as required, roll in seed mix if desired. Prove at 38°C, relative humidity 90% for approximately 60 minutes, then bake at approximately 225°C (437° F) for 30-35 minutes, adding steam for a crustier loaf.
    5. Pan fry the wild mushrooms, black garlic and sage in the butter for 5 minutes then add the Macphie Plant-based White Sauce and bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes.
    6. Toast the Macphie Seeduction® Multiseed Bread slices.
    7. Crush 5 cloves of garlic and mix with 100g butter to make the black garlic butter.
    8. Top the toast with the Wild Mushroom Mixture and garnish with the rocket.
    9. Melt the black garlic butter and drizzle over the dish


  • 500g Macphie Seeduction® Multiseed Bread 
  • 200g Macphie Plant-based White Sauce 
  • 500g wild mushrooms 
  • 9 cloves of black garlic 
  • 10g chopped sage 
  • 110g butter 
  • 20g rocket 
  • 500g flour 
  • 25g yeast 
  • 444g water