An Apple a Day - Macphie

Apple_ku-li_RenderWe eat our way through billions of apples a year and you might be surprised to know that there are over 3,500 varieties! So with so many to choose from, what is the nation’s favourite?  And the answer is, drum roll please… Golden Delicious! Golden Delicious topped the poll as the UK’s favourite (source:Fruitdrop) in a recent survey closely followed by Granny Smith.

In order of preference the apple rank looks like this: Golden Delicious (24%); Granny Smith (21%); Royal Gala (19%); Braeburn (19%); Cox (17%).

With rising consumer demand for British produce and economic uncertainty, consumers are looking for traditional flavours with a twist.  Macphie have developed a fruit coulis with this trend in mind, our Green Apple Ku-Li® delivers a sweet yet tangy impact.

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