Celebrating work with local communities - Macphie

Macphie has for the first time pulled back the curtain on the work its does with the local community.

This month the family-owned business, which has been operating for 90 years, published its first corporate social responsibility report.

The 24-page publication tells the story behind how the business works closely with its communities, looks after its employees and preserves the environment.

Local contribution

To give back to the communities in which it operates, Macphie donates 1% of its profit every year to charities and local causes.

Further to this, its workforce of over 300 employees is continuously fundraising, with an additional £10,000 donated to a Scottish dementia charity last year.


The report also describes how the rural manufacturer is limiting its impact on the environment.

With two wind turbines and a biomass facility on site, 50% of the company’s energy comes from renewable sources.

Chairman Alastair Macphie said: “At Macphie, we have a reputation for ‘doing the right thing’ and this ethos has been at the top of our agenda for the last 90 years.

“We’re proud to finally showcase our efforts in this report to remind our employees, our communities and our customers that we’re in business for more than just financial gain.

“We’re here to preserve our legacy of responsible ownership.”

The report was published last month and is available to read here.