Macphie | CSR | B Corp

Chairman Alastair Macphie was on the national stage recently to convince Scottish businesses to join Macphie as members of the B Corp community.

The Scottish Government has put its weight behind the Scotland Can Be campaign which encourages companies to think about more than just profit.

As one of the few Scottish businesses that are members of the global B Corp community, Macphie was invited along to tell its story.

Alastair talked the assembled audience of businesses, civil servants and government stakeholders through what the company does, why it does it and why doing the right thing is important to the business.

Touching upon its work to safeguard the environment, and its work with communities and schools, he talked about the issues of attracting and retaining its people and the different motivators for the next generation of millennials and beyond.

It is hoped that the two-day event in which Macphie played a part is the start of something much bigger.

The aim is to make Scotland the world’s first B Leader nation, as previous initiatives have focused on cities like New York and Rio de Janeiro.

The campaign runs throughout the summer and it is hoped  to see a healthy Scottish B Corp community.

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