Couple celebrates anniversary with Glen-delightful surprise - Macphie

A Northumberland couple received an unexpected gift from Macphie as they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary earlier this month.

The food ingredients manufacturer surprised Derek and Audrey Parry with a hamper of GlenDelight – one of the company’s best-selling products used as an alternative to dairy cream in cakes and bakes – to make their diamond anniversary sparkle.

The special delivery came after daughter Jan contacted Macphie to ask how she could get her hands on the product with which her mother and father fell in love while Audrey, aged 80, worked for bakery chain Greggs in Newcastle.

Jan’s 86-year-old father Derek has Alzheimer’s and she hoped the gift would spark fond memories.

“My mum and dad discovered GlenDelight during the 20 years she worked for Greggs,” she said.

“My dad’s favourite were sweet finger buns filled with the cream mum often brought home for him. My brother loved them too.

“Her favourite was a cream sponge although when making them up, she’d often have more cream than sponge.

“Filled meringues were a big hit too and we rushed out to buy some when our hamper arrived.”

CSR and engagement executive Louise Shankley said: “We were touched to hear how much Audrey and Derek loved our product.

“We sell business to business so our products aren’t available on shop shelves but with it being such a special occasion, we quickly got to work making up the surprise.”

Jan said: “Mum and dad were overwhelmed by the fact Macphie had gone to so much trouble, including a personalised card. They loved it and were over the moon to get a card from the Queen, too. Not many people reach this milestone these days.

“We went out for dinner to celebrate their anniversary and had all the family round. It was a lovely weekend.”