Covid-19 update for customers - Macphie

During the current crisis, Macphie remains fully operational, serving our customers as best we can given current restrictions.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and would like to reassure customers we are taking all the necessary steps to protect the health of our staff and customers. 

We remain guided by the advice of the UK government and are taking swift action as the situation develops. 


Where possible, we have implemented home-working facilities and only those people critical to maintaining production remain at work. 

As a food manufacturing site, we adhere to high levels of hygiene at all times but have taken additional measures to protect our people during the coronavirus outbreak.  

We have implemented measures to support our haulier’s new paperless system which aims to reduce contact when making deliveries. 

We have also limited site visits to only business-critical needs. 


All of our current product range remains available and we are working hard to adapt some of our most popular products to meet the needs of the current market. Details will be posted on this site as soon as available. 

We will continue to update our key stakeholders as and when the situation changes. For now, our focus is on contingency planning and to supply our customer needs through unprecedented challenges.