CSR report outlines commitment to community - Macphie

Macphie has released its latest corporate social responsibility report this month which touches on how it is continuing to support the community amidst the coronavirus crisis.

The 24-page report outlines what the food ingredients manufacturer has done in the last year to support its people, its communities, and the environment. Examples include paying out £18,000 to fund students taking on further education and raising £25,000 for a Scottish mental health charity.

The full report is available online here.

While supporting the future workforce and local charities have always been at the heart of the company, one of its most recent achievements has seen Macphie take on a whole new challenge.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus, Macphie pivoted its production facilities to produce much-needed hand sanitiser for frontline services. So far, it has contributed over 250,000 bottles into the UK supply chain.

Chairman Alastair Macphie said: “Our year has taken an unexpected turn following the outbreak of coronavirus. Our industry changed almost overnight as the world quickly adopted a new way of life and we’ve had to adapt to survive.

“We’ve been able to use our business as a force for good by producing a frontline resource and donating food items to vulnerable families following the closure of local schools.

“This report touches on our latest activity but also celebrates the achievements of the last year in supporting the people and places around us.

“I have no doubt our business will face a series of challenges ahead but I’m proud of our team has adapted to the changes we’ve made to help others and remain positive that get through this crisis together.”