Dessert topping range goes green with new look - Macphie

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new, improved o.t.t® range.

Following an extensive review, the range of six dessert toppings now has a new recipe, with an enhanced flavour profile informed by the latest consumer trends.

The quality of o.t.t® still reigns supreme however, with the same great performance.

Refreshed branding and artwork help the range stand out on the shelf.

Vegetarian and gluten-free claims now feature prominently on the front of pack, appealing to the growing “free from” market.


Macphie is a strong supporter of a more sustainable environment and this project has allowed us to improve the recyclability of our packaging.

The previous black plastic lids have been replaced with white ones, as moving from problematic black plastic to white increases the chances of the plastic caps being transformed into something new.

We have also replaced the previous full-sleeve shrinkwrap wraparound, a move which will take around 3.2tonnes of plastic waste out of the system each year alone.


The lines are now packed in a smaller, more convenient 6 x 500g case format, which acts as shelf-ready packaging, to reduce double handling for our customers.

The new range replaces the existing lines and will be available from the end of October, subject to stockholding currently in place.

For full details on nutritionals, ingredient declarations and packaging information, contact our Quality Standards department on or 01569 740893, who are happy to update any specifications and new line documentation.

You can find out more details here.