Macphie news | Head of R&D helps promote careers in food and drink

As part of Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight, Martin Ruck, Head of Research & Development, hosted a discussion with teachers in the areas of science, food and health addressing the issues faced in the food and drink industry.

Martin Ruck, Head of R&D
Martin Ruck, Head of R&D

The food science and sustainability event took place as part of an ongoing drive to promote food education and was organised for secondary teachers by the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET), who partnered with Scotland Food and Drink Federation (SFDF) and The Soil Association.

Martin gave insight into the science behind food product development and issues impacting food manufacturers. The teachers were also invited to sample the new Macphie Reduced Sugar Range  a direct result of product reformulation – in anticipation of changing legislation around sugar content. Over 60% of teachers preferred the Reduced Sugar Mississippi Muffins.

Moira Stalker from SFDF said, “SFDF is committed to promoting careers in the food and drink industry. We need to ensure that young people, teachers and parents understand the great careers on offer and the curriculum subjects that will help them on their career path.

“Helping teachers to understand the reality of the food and drink industry is key to achieving this. Input from industry experts, like Martin, who can talk to teachers about the reality of the industry, the skills that are used every day and the opportunities and new developments that can be achieved in food and drink innovation, is invaluable.

“This enables the teachers to take what they have learned and pass it on to students by incorporating the information into their lessons, contextualising food and drink as a subject for learning and passing on the positive message of the food industry. We would like to thank Martin and Macphie for their support and input.”

Throughout the day, RHET informed the group about primary production, the issues affecting farmers in Scotland and the impact of technology on crop production and animal husbandry. SFDF added to the session by emphasising the importance of the food and drink manufacturing industry to the economy and the demand for skilled technical, scientific and engineering staff. To conclude the event, The Soil Association Food for Life team delivered a session on food sustainability.