Hi, we're Macphie - Macphie

Haven’t heard of us? Well, it’s lovely to meet you.

Or maybe you’re an old friend?

A lot has changed at Macphie over the last year, as it might have for you, too.

We’ve rebranded so we look a little different, but we are still here, making simply clever food.

We are proud to be the go-to partner for food brands around the world. From icings, frostings and fillings to sweet and savoury sauces, our product range is designed with your business in mind. We’ve been at this for over 90 years but we’re committed to staying ahead of trends, catering to what your kitchen or bakery needs.

So whether you’re new to Macphie, or already part of the team, check out our new video for a taste of what we can do for you.

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