A cut above the rest - Macphie

We all have our firm foodie favourites but it seems we’re becoming a little more demanding when it comes to the classics.

The ‘done better’ trend is seeing chefs take every day dishes to the next level by stepping up the ingredients. No longer are consumers satisfied with traditional recipes such as cheese on toast topped with cheddar and chefs are having to experiment with more luxurious toppings including gorgonzola, fresh pear and celery salt.

Research shows that Millennials are driving the trend for ‘gastronostalgia’ with 60% searching for new ways to revamp their favourite recipes (Lapine). Even condiments are being premiumised and sub-standard sauces just won’t cut the mustard!

Innovation is key as comfort food favourites such as hot dogs and burgers get a makeover with brioche buns and lean meats. Burger snobbery is rife with 27% of restaurant goers preferring Angus beef in their burgers and 19% preferring sirloin burgers. Gourmet fries are also on the rise with some new eateries serving nothing but quality fries with a range of toppings.

As well as fast food novelties, posh nosh is also becoming more accessible with ingredients such as lobster, truffle and wagu making their way onto mainstream menus. Take this seafood macaroni cheese as a prime example of revamping the classics.

We can rejoice that our favourite foods are here to stay but, to stay on trend and make sure your meals aren’t quickly forgotten, it’s time to mix up traditional recipes with premium ingredients which are making their way into our supermarkets.