Macphie insight | The art of artisan bread

Searching #ArtisanBread on Instagram produces over 70,900 photos but what has made this carefully crafted range of bakery items so popular?

The term ‘artisan’ is used to describe the time and care taken when creating anything from bread and coffee to cocktails or chocolate. This level of attention provides quality reassurance as consumers increasingly seek out premium products and ingredients.

_MG_0284Social media sensation?

As well as a hefty presence on Instagram, online communities, sharing their artisan bread tips and recipes, are sprouting all over the Internet. Photographs of rustic bread loaves raise hundreds of ‘likes’ as users bask in the beauty of honest, good food.

Artisan ranges appeal to the growing consumer group who use purchasing decisions to reflect their individuality. Refraining from breads that are perceived to be mass produced and opting for artisanal ranges can be a means of portraying status and personality.

Sourdough Pizza squareHow to make the most of the artisan bread craze?

Cafes, takeaways and restaurants are using artisan breads to mix up classic sandwiches and pizzas. Using artisan bread mixes can revamp traditional recipes and relieve customers of a lunchtime fatigue.

Join the craze online and share your everyday pictures of freshly baked bread. It’s commonly known that we eat with our eyes and although the internet can’t yet transmit the smell of a newly baked loaf, the sight alone can lure customers through your doors.

Whether you work in a bakery, restaurant, fast-food takeaway or caterer, embracing the trend for artisan-style bread can entice customers by reigniting their excitement for fresh bread that’s been produced with a little care and attention.