BBQ bonanza - Macphie

As the warmer weather creeps in temperatures rise, consumers look to embrace this popular summertime pastime.

So without installing a wood-burning grill, how can you embrace the BBQ season and add some sizzle to your menu.

The burger phenomenon

Cajun-hollandaiseThe burger phenomenon is big business this summer with consumers driving demand for a gourmet version of classic varieties. Offer ‘build-your-own’ options to give customers exactly what they want or bun-less alternatives to cater to the health-conscious.



Mix things up

You could even try experimenting with different cuisines. For example, 26% of consumers stated they would be interested in seeing more Southern American favourites, such as cajun and fried chicken, when dining out and 25% of consumers said they would like to see more Mid-Western American influences including BBQ or Chicago-style pizzas. You could adapt popular recipes with influences from the U.S like this cajun burger with crispy noodles or chicken wings with bourbon glaze.

Crayfish-Salad-Mango-CoulisProvide a healthy option

As well as introducing international influences to add to your BBQ theme, it’s important to cater to the growing number of consumers who are focusing on their health and the perceived role food has on personal wellbeing. Offer healthier, yet creative, alternatives that are bursting with flavour like this crayfish and mango salad. Adding contrasting flavours and colourful ingredients allows consumers to continue to indulge without the calories.

As we embrace BBQ season, we’re reminded of the unpredictability of British summer weather so there’s plenty of ways to bring this outdoor favourite indoors. Experiment with different cuisines and fresh, vibrant ingredients for the perfect summer menu.