Doughnut skip

Doughnuts offer endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. From inventive flavour combinations to elaborate decorations, doughnut makers continually push the boundaries, attracting attention and delighting customers with their imaginative creations.

For decades consumers have been going nuts for doughnuts. With the rise of social media, and younger generations growing into a position of having spending power, we are seeing new and exciting doughnut concepts on menus, which is fuelling demand – so much so that more and more doughnut specific businesses are opening throughout the country.

Instagram and TikTok now have a major influence on younger generations’ purchasing decisions and behaviours. Nearly three quarters of Gen Z consumers said that social media impacts their purchase of sweet goods according to the Bakery Survey Europe 2022. This figure highlights the importance of not only businesses being active on social media, but also the importance of being creative and innovative when it comes to new offerings, which will ensure they stand out and attract attention from consumers.

Whilst traditional flavours such as jam, custard, chocolate, and caramel remain ever popular, doughnuts are a blank canvas for bakers to showcase their personality, tap in to trends and explore seasonality.

Colour is an easy way to mix-up. By applying Macphie 5th Avenue® Icing, you can create vibrant, eye-catching creations, like these mini loaded doughnuts. Our o.t.t® dessert toppings can also be used to drizzle over the top for a sweet finish.

It’s not all about how doughnuts look – the inside also matters! Using Macphie Fillings, you can create doughnuts bursting with flavour, such as these doughnut grenades.

A growing trend which we are seeing come through is ‘swavoury’ – the combination of sweet and savoury in one. This can be applied to doughnuts by creating the likes of this loaded avo-doughnut, which combines avocado with Macphie Nacho Cheese Sauce.

By creating exclusive, luxurious variations, businesses can add a premium price to doughnuts.

Their versatility also makes them a popular offering on menus throughout the food industry. With innovative concepts being created constantly, we are now seeing the likes of bacon and egg doughnuts on breakfast menus, eggs benedict doffles on lunch menus, and mini doughnut sharing platters on dessert menus.

Tapping into seasonality is another option to create exciting concepts. As many as 63% of consumers report being excited by seasonal offerings. Because of their easy adaptability, it is simple to modify doughnuts to create seasonal delights, and businesses should be taking advantage of seasonality in order to drive footfall and keep consumers coming back for more.

By incorporating seasonal colours and flavours, you can create exclusive, appealing variations for key periods and holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter. Younger audiences in particular respond well to fresh and unique seasonal offerings. Boost your sales by adapting your doughnuts during these key periods.