Father's Day Favourites - Macphie

With some operators reporting a 15% sales uplift on Father’s Day, this annual holiday is not to be ignored.

Although not as widely celebrated as Mother’s Day, families are still set to gather together to enjoy this low-key event. Research by the National Restaurant Association shows that dinner is the most popular Father’s Day meal with 67% of celebrants choosing to dine out in the evening, only 24% choosing to go for lunch, 10% going out for brunch and 11% for breakfast. Interestingly, almost 10% of Father’s Day diners even go out for more than one meal to celebrate.

Classic ‘dad’ favourites are a must as 60% of Father’s Day diners say that it’s ‘Dad’s choice’ when choosing a restaurant so hearty dishes that appeal to the male audience are key. However, 15% choose a family-friendly restaurant so it’s important to keep the little ones in mind when crafting your menu. Also, 13% choose a restaurant that they’ve never been to before so expect a few new faces and consider how you can turn them into regular customers.

Some great examples include toad in the hole, lamb with bramble and rosemary jus or maple glazed ham. Add an extra special Father’s Day twist to some of their favourite dishes by adding a local ale or cider like this ham hock, cider and green peppercorn pie.

Father’s Day is a date for celebration and with more and more families eating out together, consumers will be on the lookout for family-friendly menus with something to suit everyone. This is a fantastic opportunity to attract new customers and become synonymous with family traditions.