Macphie insights | Give your menu a glittering makeover in 2017

The Food People predict that one of this year’s biggest food trends will be edible glitter. It was everywhere over the festive season and it sounds like  we’re only going to see more shimmer on our shop shelves.

Why do we love glitter?

Since ancient times, humans have been attracted to all things glittery due to our revolutionary instinct to seek out water (The Food People, 2016). We are instinctively excited by the shimmer of the sun glistening on top of a lake as it relates to our basic need to survive.

Glitter in our food

Intrinsically linked to luxury and opulence, glitter is appearing everywhere from glitter glazed doughnuts to glittery galactic gateaux. We’re also seeing an array of sparkling spirits, glistening jellies and even a sparkle in our bags of crisps.

Get with the trend

There are lots of ways you can embrace this twinkling trend. You only need to spend a few minutes searching online to find a range of recipe inspiration and you can test the water with our new Shimmer finishing gel – a soft set gel which provides a shimmering, premium finish for baked goods, desserts and savoury dishes. Creating show-stopping foods that twinkle like the stars are bound to get you noticed, not to mention sought-after post on Instagram!