Macphie insights 2017 | Gluttonous comfort eating

While clean eating is set to continue in its popularity this year, foodies predict that when we indulge, we’ll really indulge!

Rebelling against the healthy eating trend, over-the-top dishes will be featuring on menus including overflowing freakshakes, macaroni cheese topped with meat, towering gourmet burgers and decorated doughnuts.

This supersize ethos is no longer restricted to fast-food outlets but is a trend seeping into high-street restaurants featuring dishes with a gourmet twist at affordable prices.  Traditional and familiar comfort foods will remain popular but chefs are experimenting with the classics to create extravagant combinations such as sweet waffles or doughnuts topped with fried chicken.

Whether you choose to keep it simple or mix up the classics, extreme indulgence is a trend that will be shaping menus in 2017. It’s predicted that no matter how healthy we aim to be, we’ll continue to seek comfort in our favourite foods and we say, the bigger, the better!