Green tea and cake: A matcha made in heaven? - Macphie

Described as an ‘antioxidant powerhouse’, matcha green tea is said to be mood enhancing and metabolism boosting as well as gluten and sugar free. So it’s no surprise that this super tea is set to be big in 2016.

From matcha smoothies to matcha pancakes, the powdered green tea is featuring on menus across the nation and with #matcha bringing up over 1 million posts on Instagram, it looks like this bright green sensation is here to stay. No longer limited to Japan, matcha sales are projected to grow in the US and Canada by 25% annually between now and 2018 (KenkoTea).

Matcha green tea 2Its powdered texture makes it an ideal addition to a wide range of dishes from cheesecakes to protein bars and with health benefits including weight loss and lowering cholesterol, consumers can’t get enough. The way in which matcha is produced means that when drinking, you ingest the full leaf, taking in all the nutrients the leaf has to offer including an array of antioxidants and L-thenanine, an amino acid known to relax the mind.

Although we can’t promise adding the tea to sponge cakes and gateaux will help you lose weight, with testimony from Buddhist monks who use the tea to create peace of mind during meditation, we hope the addition of this super tea to your desserts will cause for a little guilt-free enjoyment!