Hybrid hype - Macphie

Whether it was a strategic step taken to spark interest with the younger generation or pure experimentation, the bakery hybrid has become big business. From the cronut to the blondie, traditional treats are merging, keeping adventurous foodies intrigued.

Sconie (Brownie & Scone)With quirky names and unusual tastes, hybrid bakery items are taking the food market by storm. Appearing all over social media, these indulgent mash-ups are defying the trend for healthy eating with one quarter of UK cake buyers stating they are interested in new formats of cake (Mintel, 2016).

Consumers are motivated by what’s new and unique and with the digital world at our fingertips, it’s easy to think we’ve seen it all. Category crossovers like the cronut and the sconie are satisfying a consumer need to try something new and are getting vast media attention. By mixing up your classics, you could capture online hits by attracting people searching for these unique innovations.

Experimentation is key and this is a great opportunity to have fun in the kitchen. Mash up traditional bakery mixes with trendy ingredients to create contemporary indulgences that push the boundaries – guaranteed to get people talking.