Macphie insights | Hygge Hype

Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish concept that’s sweeping the nation, our bookshelves and our food menus. The Scandinavian notion describes the feeling of complete cosiness created when enjoying good food in good company in warm and safe environments.

Whilst multiple books on the matter were appearing in stockings this Christmas detailing how to transform your home to embrace hygge, the concept is also set to impact food trends in 2017.

swedish-meatballsPopular delicacies typically associated with Scandinavian countries are on the rise including cinnamon buns and other pastries as well as luxury hot chocolates. Restaurants and cafes inspired by hygge are also popping up in some of the UK’s trendiest hot spots. Decorated with twinkly lights, warm blankets and grand fire places, their menus offer an array of winter warmers to complete the wintry theme.

Hygge has been around for centuries as an integral part of Scandinavian lifestyle and its magical, warming effect helps people get through the cold winter months. Meals, including breakfast, are eaten by candlelight and popular dishes are wholesome and comforting including open sandwiches on sourdough bread or herby fishcakes in creamy sauces. Vegetables are considered a key mealtime component, not just a side dish.

It’s not just about savoury flavours though – there’s something in it for those with a sweet tooth! Fika is another popular Scandinavian concept which proudly defies the January health kick. The term refers to the Swedish coffee break but isn’t about what you eat, but how you do it. Fika is all about taking time out of your day to slow down, refuel and cosy up – sounds to us like the perfect excuse to eat cake!

Here’s some of our top recipes and ideas to keep cosy until Spring:

Pot roasted partridge with red wine and cinnamon

Traditional Danish pastries

Apple and cinnamon flan

Sourdough pizza

Rose and cardamom crème brulee

So if you’re not ready to leave Christmas and that holiday feeling behind, embrace hygge and add some Scandinavian comfort food to your diet to keep cosy this winter.