Is it ever too early for pizza? - Macphie

The latest breakfast pizza trend has seen the concept we dreamed of as kids being brought to life, inspiring our chefs to let their imaginations run wild, creating some delicious and unique recipes to add to morning menus.

The growing appetite for breakfast pizzas reflects surging demand for the doughy favourite throughout the sector. Pizza has never been more popular – despite the pandemic, sales have increased significantly – with the doughy dish remaining the highest-ranking craveable food item.[1]

Innovation in pizza continues to soar – vegan has proven to be the fastest-growing pizza preference by far, climbing 187% on menus in the last three years. Alternative base sauces are now coming to the forefront such as pesto, creamy alfredo, herb and almond purees, and sweet dessert pizzas are featuring more and more heavily on restaurant menus.

Macphie’s broad product range reflects this diversification in dietary preferences and requirements, offering savoury gluten free and plant-based sauce options to a rapidly expanding market – gluten free pizza is currently on 11.4% of menus, and is forecast to grow by another 27% over the next four years.[2]

Kirsty, added: “With so many niche foodie trends appearing, the opportunities are endless – think fish and chips, nachos, vegan macaroni cheese or a Sunday roast on top of a pizza.

“Because of their outstanding adaptability, a single Macphie product can be the starting point of an extensive range of different creations. Whether customers choose our pizza toppings, burger sauces, dessert parlour staples, or biscuit mixes, Macphie is a one-stop shop for creating an exciting series of flavour combinations.

“Pizza innovation and other unique foodie trends continue to soar and we can soon expect to see these items becoming more and more of a staple on restaurant menus, just as we have seen with breakfast pizza.”

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