Love your pancake this Shrove Tuesday - Macphie

New inspirations

2018 trends include croissants and doughnuts with unusual fillings so why not use these ideas to inspire your Pancake Day (Tuesday 13 February) plans?

We are seeing a rise in exotic flavour partnerships. Have you thought of trying rum and raison or Indian savoury pancakes with a spiced carrot filling? Coconut yoghurt to lighten the taste? NYC’s Du Donuts are introducing fillings including banana malt, pear clove and espresso cardamom and these could extend into your pancake offerings.

Keep it sweet with red velvet pancakes with chocolate chips or chocolate and peanut butter. The possibilities are endless.

Keeping it simple

However, let’s not forget the popular pancake choices with most Brits still enjoying lemon (56%) and sugar (54%) as their traditional toppings. Maple syrup is the next most popular (22%) and chocolate spread follows behind (15%) *

Pancakes are a very versatile meal or snack and can attract customers across all day parts.

Perfect for traditional breakfast time fare, or mini pancakes and dips with afternoon tea, to a tasty supper time snack before bed.

With Lent starting the next day, it’s the final chance to indulge.

*YouGov Survey February 2017