Macphie insight | Low sugar. High demand

As consumer interest in healthy living grows and the government toughen up on the war against sugar, are you equipped to keep your customers happy?

While it might be daunting to offer reduced sugar treats, demand for healthier alternatives is high. Research shows that 54% of consumers are looking for reduced sugar content in foods and 77% of consumers are in favour of manufacturers reducing sugar content (Mintel).

Government legislation, the media and celebrity-endorsed campaigns are some of the key factors driving increased awareness of the impact sugar has on our health -all of which are sparking heavy debate on how much or how little we should be consuming. Just under half (43%) of adults surveyed reported they had noticed a rise in media coverage on sugar and 62% of those increased their efforts to monitor/limit the amount of sugar in their diets (Mintel).

While consumers are keen to see reduced sugar products, they’re skeptical of artificial replacements. Research shows that three in ten consumers think it’s best to avoid food/drink products containing these ingredients (Mintel).

The demand for reduced sugar provides considerable opportunities. Offering reduced sugar products will continue to attract the health-conscious consumer as well as comply with changing government legislation. Diversifying your product offering can future-proof your business against a buzzing food trend that shows no sign of fizzing out.