Growth in fruit flavours market - Macphie

Panna-Cotta-with-Raspberry-ku-liAs consumers continue to strive for healthier snack products, the fruit market has come firmly into focus. Among findings from market research groups, Mintel expects the fruit snack market to grow to £7 billion in the UK by 2019, and Food Navigator states that, in Europe, snacks with a fruit base have taken over in popularity from snacks that are only fruit flavoured. According to the Mintel Superfruits Report, 44% of all new product development in North America in 2013 had some kind of fruit as a flavour component.

Keri Cummings, category marketing executive at Macphie says: “Fruit content has become an increasingly important and attractive selling point for companies manufacturing fruit-based products. Consumers are excited to see new products with purees and fruit pieces as they are a healthier alternative to products which don’t contain fruit”.

The Macphie ku-li® range is gluten-free, contains 50% fruit puree, is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives which means it’s packed with 100% natural ingredients, so your customers are assured of a premium product which can be used for a wide variety of applications. From ice-cream to Greek yoghurt, ku-li® is delicious as a topping or compote and can also be used to pour over pancakes and brownies or mix into a milkshake.ku-li-3

Keri adds: “It can also be used on savoury dishes as well as sweet dishes to get the most out of your ku-li® all year round. Whether it’s Mango ku-li® drizzled on a chicken salad in summer, or used alongside our Demi-Glace to create a warming sour cherry jus in winter, our ku-li® range is versatile whatever dish you’re creating.”

The Macphie ku-li® range is available from your nearest wholesaler in the following flavours: Sour Cherry, Green Apple, Rhubarb & Strawberry, Mango and Raspberry.