Macphie’s journey to sustainable palm oil - Macphie

Palm oil is a versatile raw material used as a key ingredient by food manufacturers across the world. It provides a crucial source of livelihood for millions of farmers and communities across Indonesia and Malaysia. However, despite its positive attributes, palm cultivation is intrinsically linked to the deforestation and erosion of the natural habitat of endangered orangutan.

As an organisation, Macphie seeks to minimise its impact on the environment and we’re committed to sustainable business practices wherever possible.

At present, Macphie use sustainably sourced palm oil and palm fractions in a number of our products. While some organisations attempt to strip palm oil from their products, we recognise that large economies will suffer if the use of palm oil ceases.

What are Macphie doing to help?

Macphie is currently working closely with suppliers to undertake an on-going programme to source all palm oil derivatives from segregated sources where possible. Since 2012, Macphie have been a member of the Roundatable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which aims to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm. Membership fees go towards the farmers to support cultivation on existing plantations and reduce deforestation.

In line with RSPO supply chain certification, we’re currently applying the Mass Balance and Segregated model which allows each participant within the supply chain to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable palm oil production and to actively promote the trading of RSPO certified palm oil. To further improve our efforts, Macphie aims to operate solely within the Segregation supply chain model which assures that RSPO certified palm oil products delivered to the end-user come only from RSPO certified sources.

Macphie products containing palm oil, in accordance with the rules of the RSPO Supply Chain Certification scheme, are on despatch documentation and sales invoices. Applicable products have the following footnote: RSPO Supply Chain Certification Number BMT-RSPO-000144 SG/MB (product dependant).

Our active and ongoing commitment to this programme is a huge-undertaking and demonstrates Macphie’s continuing commitment to exceptional quality, innovation and corporate social responsibility which are at the heart of everything we do.