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The pandemic saw consumers reaching for more nostalgic food products as they sought out familiar childhood favourites. Who could blame them? The need for comfort and stability has never been more important.

Food is a mood enhancer – a source of pleasure and an opportunity to take a bit of “me time”. Consumers are seeking sweet treats to satisfy their need for comfort and nowadays would like  things tailored to their own preferences. Our range of delicious, versatile products are here to help you serve up the magic of time-honoured traditional treats and put your own twist on the comforting classics. It’s what you add that counts.

Keep it classic

Take the classic brownie. Although more modern than it’s traditional counterparts – the scones and pancakes of this world – the brownie is a simple pleasure when done well. Rich, indulgently chocolatey brownies are a breeze to make with our Brownie Mix and with a little water and vegetable oil, it is ready to go wherever your imagination leads.

This recipe needs just four ingredients to create indulgent, premium brownies that’ll look great on any coffee shop counter.

And depending on what time of year it is, you can create different-shaped brownies to tap into seasonal shopping trends. How about love hearts for Valentine’s Day? Or egg-shaped brownies for Easter, decorated with 5th Avenue Icings?

Elevate your offering

Our Brownie Mix provides the perfect starting point but you can elevate your offering and create on-trend brownie concepts that you can offer for a price premium. Nearly 15% of upcoming food trends feature mash-ups of classic concepts so there’s certainly appetite for variation and quirky combinations.

Get creative with your bakes and offer customers a twist on what they already know and love. Combine to American favourites to create these cookie-filled brownies or introduce some flapjack for these flapjack-topped brownies. Or coat your brownies in 5th Avenue Icings to create brownie lolly pops.

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The nostalgic yearning for a simpler – and sweeter – time in our life strikes a chord with the UK public.

The increasing trend for “kidulting” explains the popularity of treats and sweets targeted towards adult consumers looking for ways to relive the simple joys of childhood. A whopping 60% of consumers are stating that they are interested in buying from brands associated with their childhood.

And this nostalgia for trusted retro brands is set to grow post lockdown. Cross categories are now tapping into the ‘sweet shop’ concept to deliver new flavour variants and inspire menus. We’re seeing retro sweet brands like Barratt launching sharing boxes for Christmas and bakeries offering filled doughnuts using traditional sweet shop flavours including rhubarb and custard and lemon sherbet.

Top your bakes with familiar sweets for a fun and fancy treat that’ll appeal to adults and kids. Top your brownies with smarties or decorate cupcakes with violet-flavoured icing and packets of Parma Violets to tap into the trend for sweet shop favourites.

However you choose to take your customers on a trip down memory lane, Macphie is here to help.

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Our range of delicious, versatile products are here to help you dish up the comforting classics with your own creative flair. Get in touch to find out more.

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