New Sicilian Lemon Pot - Macphie

NEW Sicilian Lemon Pot

Macphie is proud to announce the launch of Sicilian Lemon Pot as an addition to its range of easy to prepare, restaurant-quality desserts. This smooth and creamy dessert has a fresh, authentic lemony tang which makes stand-alone desserts or can be easily adapted to other applications.

This new dessert reflects research by Allegra that shows a dessert menu can sway the decision over which restaurant to choose and with Italian leading the field as the nation’s favourite cuisine, Sicilian Lemon Pot is exactly on trend.
It is also true that consumers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of provenance in food, acknowledging that certain regions of the world produce premium ingredients.  Macphie’s Sicilian Lemon Pot is made with real Sicilian lemon juice giving it both a fresh, authentic lemon taste as well as a recognisable taste proposition.

The Sicilian Lemon Pot is an easy-to-use profitable dessert which delivers 12 shot glass portions from one litre pack with consistent, high-quality results every time.  Available in 1 litre packs from 3663 and Makro, Sicilian Lemon Pot is an all-year-round dessert with wide consumer appeal.