Oh crumbs - Macphie

The sign of a good snack is one that leaves nothing but crumbs.

Sweet food and snacks both increased share last year, with an opportunity to grow orders outside of traditional meal occasions. Consumption of snack foods has increased during the pandemic as more people were eating at home. We’ve seen increased demand for luxury brands of cookies and pastries as consumers sought to replicate their coffee-shop experiences in their home environments. The popularity of cookies in particular has grown by 147% (Lumina Intelligence, 2022) and research shows that post covid-19, they continue to be a popular food-to-go snack.

One in four consumers say they are consuming more cookies compared to a year ago (IRI Market Data) but how do you create crowd-pleasing cookies that leaves everyone suitably satisfied?

From loaded toppings and cookie sandwiches to premium inclusions, indulgent centres and celebratory styles, the cookie is a snack of all trades and the scope for opportunity in this market is growing. They can be adapted to suit the season, upgraded to create share-sized offerings, delivered to loved ones as a post-box-friendly gift, picked up on a whim or indulged over coffee and a catch up.

Versatile ingredients are key to creating a range of options for your customers, without creating hassle back of house. Because of their outstanding adaptability, a single Macphie cookie mix can be the starting point on extensive range of different creations. They’re packed with possibilities, meaning you can add your own creative flair to satisfy your customers.

Whether you add fruit and nuts or chocolate chips, our cookie mixes hold up to 20% inclusions, giving you free reign to add your own spin on your cookie creations. Research shows that more than half of consumers would be motivated to try a new cookie if it featured a unique flavour so there’s appetite for bold choices.

Macphie makes it easy to expand your offering, explore new, exciting adaptations and custom creations. Head to our recipes space for inspiration to tap into the cookie craze or get in touch.