Packed with possibilities: burgers - Macphie

Over 50% of consumers eat burgers either at home or in a foodservice setting at least once a week, suggesting the humble hamburger holds a special place in our hearts.

With its origins stretching right back to the 1st century, it’s fair to say the burger has stood the test of time, relishing change and adapting to new trends.

Whether it’s a meat burger, vegan alternative, dine-in dish or on-the-go snack, patties are packed with possibilities.

The adaptability of burgers make them a great menu staple and in summer 2021, they were reported to be the most customisable dish (Lumina Intelligence). By switching up sauces, the bun, the sides or the toppings, you can keep your menu fresh depending on the season, current food trends and even topical events like The World Cup and Wimbledon.  It’s no wonder the National Burger Awards has such fantastic competition every year.

Burgers offer great opportunity to upsell to, whether it’s by offering supersized sides or premium condiments – customers can tailor their dish to exactly how they’d like it. Over 30% of diners strongly agree that they’re willing to pay more for premium toppings so demand is there for the taking. And the rate upselling itself is on the up  by 15% year on year with burger and steak dishes being the most likely dishes to support increased spend through the addition of toppings or premium fry options (Lumina Foodservice, 2021).

Dietary requirements can also be accommodated with burger dishes by changing up the bun or the filling. Having these options on your menu is crucial to cater for the rise in free-from diets.

Burgers can even stretch between day parts – no longer restricted to lunch or dinner. How about a breakfast bagel burger? Or using waffles instead of a bun to create a breakfast waffle burger?

Customisation doesn’t have to mean complexity. Stocking ready-to-use, versatile ingredients can make it easy for you to switch up your signature dishes without strain. All it takes is a little Macphie magic to put an ordinary burger head and shoulders above the rest. Our savoury  sauces partner with the great range of proteins that exist.

So whether you are looking for inspiration for the National Burger Awards or for your menu head over here.