Macphie insight | Posh up your menu with prosecco

With sales at major supermarkets up 34% to £365million, prosecco’s popularity is growing quickly. UK consumers now drink more prosecco than champagne, so much so, supplies are even rumoured to be at risk (Telegraph, 2016).

Despite the rumours, Italy produced 467 million bottles in 2015. Production has tripled since 2009 and grape plantings to produce the fizz of choice now runs to more than 50,000 acres (Telegraph, 2016).

As it’s often drank on its own as a celebratory drink, prosecco is often overlooked when it comes to food. However, we’re seeing a rise in prosecco-flavoured goods such as cake icing and crisps, proving that it’s not limited to long stem glasses. With summer coming to an end and thoughts turning to winter dishes, now is the perfect time to posh up your menu with prosecco.

With a sweeter taste than Champagne, prosecco is a perfect dessert feature but also pairs well with salty ingredients including olives, cheese and charcuterie. Try adding prosecco to sauces to serve with chicken or fish dishes for an added element of luxury.

The simple addition of prosecco can create an ‘absolutely fabulous’ menu.